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Lose Thigh Fat Fast With These Thigh fat Burning Exercises


Do you want to burn that thigh-fat which becomes even more embarrassing when you wear shots? Well, every woman with fat thighs can relate to the embarrassment.

Pondering over the perfect solution to lose thigh-fat? Actually, developing a routine that is helpful in burning your overall body fat can do the trick. To fulfill this purpose, you have to pay heed to both your diet as well as certain exercises.

Aside from healthy eating, keeping with a certain workout regime is all that you exactly need to make the most out of your beach parties.

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Want to know which exercises can work best for you? Get to know the perfect leg exercise for women as well as their benefits below:

Leg Exercises for Women:

The following leg exercises for women work their quads, hips, hamstrings as well as calves for building a leaner and sexier body shape. In addition to letting you lose thigh-fat, leg exercises for woman offer various other benefits too.

For instance, you can achieve an improved metabolism by incorporating leg exercises to your workout regime. This is because leg exercises aim at moving your body’s largest muscles which needs a lot of energy.

One of the best parts about leg exercises is that they make you move the whole of your upper body as well as lower body. From the muscles of your chest to arms and abs, almost all of your body’s muscles engage in leg exercises.

This is what makes leg exercises somewhat challenging yet highly beneficial for your overall health. All things considered, you need to do leg exercises to burn your thigh fat in particular and to stay fit and well as a whole.

Want to engage in exercises from today? Get to know below what exercises can be suitable for you:

Leg Exercises at the Gym:

leg exercises at gymThe gym offers a wide range of fat-burning and bodybuilding equipment through which you can achieve your thigh-fat losing goals in an effective manner. Furthermore, doing a leg workout under expert supervision is a definite way to get quicker and actual outcomes. Let’s look at five of the at-gym exercises for women:

1. Stiff Leg Deadlift: Achieve Sexier Legs

This leg exercise helps in training your glutes and hamstrings to get you sexier and plumper legs. Moreover, deadlifts also aid in boosting your metabolism.

How to Do:

  • Grab a loaded barbell by getting into a standing position with the shoulder-breadth.
  • The placement of your hands should be above and feet at 6-8 inches away from one another.
  • Let your torso high, abs tightened, shoulders retracted, as well as knees with a slight bend.
  • Keep the arched back and the head as well as torso up, flex your hips for lowering the barbell down.
  • Have a break right after feeling a fine extension at your hamstrings and gluts.
  • Move as low as you can by keeping the optimum arched back.

2. Lying Kickback: It’s One of the Best Thigh-Fat Burning Exercises

Lying kickbacks give you firmer booty, stronger glutes as well as burn the fat around your thighs in actual fact.

How to Do:

  • Around your ankles, place the band and lie down on the earth.
  • Flex your feet, on the ground, with toes.
  • Drive the heel in an upward direction by raising one foot.
  • With squeezed glutes and a tightened core, lift yourself. It’s not allowed to arch your spine for raising higher the leg.
  • Stay at the top and then come back. It isn’t allowed to rotate your toe in an outer or inner direction as you rise.

3. Get a Lit Figure with Weighted Squat:

Performing squats offers you a variety of health benefits such as strengthened core, weight loss, toned abs, healthy bones, improved blood circulation and many more.

Keeping this in view, weighted squats is a way to have a lit physique.

How to Do:

  • Hold a weight (kettlebell or dumbbell) in both hands; get into a standing position by slightly widening your feet far apart than your hips and slightly point the toes outwards.
  • By keeping a lifted torso and the weight in your heels, sit back for squatting. The weight’s bottom should tap the ground lightly.
  • Drive through your heels for returning to the beginning position for completing one rep. Perform 15 reps.

4. Build a Better Lower-Body Shape with Reverse Slide-lunges:

This move aids in the development of your muscle surrounding your knee and hip area, so, you can shape your lower-body through it.

How to Do:

  • Stand apart with your left foot on a slider as well as with your feet shoulder-breadth.
  • Allow your right thigh to become parallel with the ground for lowering into a lunge by sliding your left leg back.
  • In order to return your left leg to the beginning position, drive through your right foot while straightening your chest.
  • Perform 15 reps per leg.

5. Leg Press: Build Stronger Leg Muscles:

Leg press allows building stronger muscles of your legs and that too without causing you joint pain.

How to Do:

  • In the leg press machine, sit squarely. On the sled, position your feet shoulder-breadth away from each other.
  • From the safeties, unfasten the sled in a careful way. Keep your lower spine pressed into the pad and torso up.
  • For lowering the platform, flex your knees, discontinuing before your glutes lift the pad off.
  • Then, stretch your knees in a powerful way for pressing up to the weight (however, locking them out at the top shouldn’t be done).
  • Leg Exercises at Home:

Can’t go to the gym as you have to be at home all the time to take care of your little ones and family?

Is getting a gym’s membership out of your budget?

Is there a considerable distance from your home to the gym so you are unable to go there?

If it isn’t possible for you to make it to the gym daily for whatever reasons, you can do leg exercises at home as well.

Moreover, the following leg exercises at home require minimum to no equipment so it will be light on your pocket too.

1. Strengthen the Muscles of your Whole Body with Squat Jacks:

Not only squat jack is a fine thigh-burning exercise but strengthens your whole body’s muscles also.

How to Do:

  • With your hands in front of you and feet together, maintain a standing position.
  • By spreading your feet, bending your knees and pressing back your hips, jump up.
  • To jump up back, drive through the heels and get back into the beginning position.

2. Get Better Blood Flow with Bulgarian Split Squat:

Better blood flow is essential for the optimal functioning of all your bodily processes, heart health, pain-relief, glowing skin and what not.

How to Do:

  • Stand up high by placing a box or a step behind you.
  • Over the step, place your right foot, flex your knees and lower your hip to let your left thigh be in line with the ground.
  • Get back into the initial position and do it again.
  • Do it with the alternate leg.

3. Get Toned and Slimmer Buttocks with Curtsy Lunges:

This leg exercise is absolutely winning for butt-toning and slimming.

How to Do:

  • Maintain a standing position with your feet hip-breadth away from each other.
  • With your left leg crossing behind your right leg, step back while your right foot is bearing your weight.
  • Flex your knees to begin to lower your body until your right thigh is in line with the ground.
  • Get back into the initial position and switch legs.

4. Strengthen your Hamstrings and Quads with High Knees:

This easily executable at-home move puts stress over strengthening the muscles of your hamstrings and quads.

How to Do:

  • With your feet shoulder-breadth away from each other, and opened torso, stand up high.
  • Let your knees near up to the level of your waist and then land on your feet’s balls slowly.
  • Repeat for completion of one set.

5. Get a Great Posture with Bear Squats:

A good posture is a symbol of an active and confident personality which you can achieve via bear squats.

How to Do:

  • On your knees and hand, go down. The placement of your wrists should be beneath your shoulders and your knees hip-breadth away from each other.
  • By straightening your legs, raise your hips in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Get back into the initial position and repeat for completing the set.

The Bottom Line:

All of the above-described leg exercises serve as a perfect solution to get rid of those bulgy thighs. Be it at-gym or at-home leg workout, all your efforts to shape your thighs will be worth it.

However, what matters most for yielding optimum results is your persistence and enthusiasm. Make these exercises part of your daily routine for losing that thigh-fat as well as enjoying millions of health benefits simultaneously.

Isn’t it motivating?

Get a leaner, sexier and healthier version of yourself by doing thigh-fat burning leg exercises. Let me know which worked miracles for you?

Images Credit: pixabay.com


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