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MCT Oil: 5 Science-Based Benefits of MCT Oil


Look smarter, stay healthier, feel better, and never look back again on what junk you’re missing out on!

Who doesn’t wish to follow a healthy diet strictly without swaying and ensure family health? As women, we can bring the changes by making a few dietary alterations.

Unhealthy food, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of motivation is leading to many health issues like obesity, heart problems, cancer etc. None of us wants to see our family suffering due to unhealthy choices we have made. Isn’t it?

Did you know? Obesity is the main health concern in the USA according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Be it that you are a family member is suffering from epilepsy, or you are turning into a diabetic patient; you need to take a pause lady. Reflect and then choose.

We rarely ask ourselves “Are we making a healthier choice for a happier, healthier, and smarter future?” Right? Am I not?

However, we ladies are helpless food munchies when we suffer from stress, depression, mood swings, weakness, pregnancy eating urges, etc. I can understand that! But trust me, adding MCT oil in your diet can make a big difference!

What sets MCT oil apart? It prevents you from putting on weight.

Didn’t know about it before or want to expand your knowledge regarding MCT oil more? Let this article be the ultimate solution. Keep on reading below:

What Is MCT Oil?

Maybe you have heard of MCT oil and its charming characteristics before, but did you know what MCT actually stands for?

Well, MCT is the abbreviation of medium-chain triglycerides while MCT oil is a derivative of mainly coconut oil. Besides, MCTs can also be found in some dairy foods and palm oil too.

Notably, MCT oil has no color and odor. What makes it a healthier fat to add in your diet is that it remains in liquid form at room temperature.

As I mentioned above MCT is a derivative of coconut oil, then you might be pondering over the difference between MCT oil and coconut oil?

So, here it is.

MCT Oil Vs Coconut Oil:

There are many differences between MCT oil and coconut oil. As far as the feeling of fullness is concerned, MCT oil can better satiate you than coconut oil.

Rendering to R. Kinsella, et.al., individuals consuming about two tbsp of MCT oil in breakfast are able to consume less food in their next meal in comparison to coconut oil consumers. Some additional differences are provided below:

MCT Oil Coconut Oil
It consists of 100% MCTs. It has around 60% MCTs.
It has two of the medium-chain fatty acids i.e., capric acid(C10) and caprylic acid (C8).
Both these types of MCTs are highly efficient and appetizing.
It has all four medium-chain fatty acids. Most of them are due to lauric acid which is that type of fatty acid with the slightest MCT efficiency.
It is less expensive. It is somewhat more expensive than MCT oil.

If you have a doubt, why not give it try for once. I bet you will feel the change in your urge for unhealthy food.

What Are the Types of MCT Oil?

You will find MCT oil in four different types:

  • Caproic Acid-C6
  • Lauric Acid-C12
  • Capric Acid-C10
  • Caprylic Acid-C8

Of these, the last two types are the ones that are used most commonly.

What Does MCT Oil Do?

Due to having a shorter chain of carbon, MCT oil has dissimilar properties than the usual dietary fat. In fact, the shorter carbon chains facilitate the metabolization of MCT oil at a faster pace. For that reason, the accumulation of MCT oil as fat is impossible.

In place of accumulation, MCT oil undergoes immediate burning, thereby giving the body a plentiful source of fuel. As a matter of fact, such type of source of energy is utilizable during starvation/fasting period or when doing an intense workout.

MCT Oil Benefits:

Here are some of the top-most benefits of MCT oil:

1. Become Fab to Flab

MCT had made a huge difference in my life and I feel more secure about my family health. Yes, I was doubtful at first too, but ‘why not give it a try’ has always been my motto!

Is there a woman who wouldn’t like to attain a slim-trim physique? I don’t think that there is. Because, why not?

Having a slim and healthy figure doesn’t only make you look more appealing but keeps you alive and kicking as well. So, if you want to shed some pounds, MCT oil is an effective way to go.

Notably, adding MCT oil in your diet means that you are consuming 10% lesser calories as compared to long-chain triglycerides, for instance, olive oil.

Want to have a thinner waist? Want to achieve an attractive figure? Go for MCT!

You can significantly lose weight as well as the circumference of waist by using MCT oil according to researches.

In addition, you can even prevent obesity from using MCT oil according to MP St-Onge, et.al. Isn’t that appealing?

Moreover, MCT oil can cause an increased release of leptin and peptide YY according to the same study. Interestingly, both these hormones promote satiety in the body. It simply means that the consumption of MCT oil can control those high-fat food cravings effectively.

Aside from that, you can also burn calories by consuming MCT oil as your body processes it in a different manner.

In case, you are already following a ketogenic diet, consuming MCT oil can help you greatly to stay in ketosis i.e., state of fat-burning.

2. Manage Certain Neurological Disorders

Psychologically well being is as important as our physical health. We women become stressful, anxious, and irritate quite easily. Thus, our psychological health needs to be ensured.

MCT oil can aid in the management of Epilepsy which is the fourth most common disorder of the central nervous system in the USA. The other being Alzheimer’s, stroke and migraines according to Epilepsy Foundation.

This seizures-causing neurological disorder affects around 150,000 people in America every year. However, using MCT oil can help in controlling seizures better than commonly used anti-epileptic medication.

What’s more, a ketogenic diet and MCT oil can be helpful in the management of autism, epilepsy as well as Alzheimer’s disease as per Augustin Katrin, et.al.

3. Get an Immediate Energy Boost

No matter if you are a housewife or a working woman, we all need an energy boost to perform our daily chores properly. Don’t we? So, if you want to get an instant energy boost, MCT oil can be your cup of tea.

P Schönfeld, et.al., suggests that you can get an immediate energy boost by consuming MCT oil due to its metabolization at a rapid pace.

4. Manage Diabetes

We are MOST prone to gaining weight quickly, so better be careful than sorry! Obesity, in turn, leads to diabetes, blood pressure, and heart problems.

So, if you are a diabetic female, MCT oil can be favorable for you as per studies. It incredibly brings down the sugar level and regulates your overall body health.

A Chinese study showed that diabetic individuals who used MCT oil observed a substantial decrease in resistance to insulin, body weight and waist circumference in comparison to corn oil consumers.

5. Reduce the Probability of Developing Cardiovascular Disease

Did you know that around half of the American natives come under the influence of heart disease every year?.

This is where consuming MCT oil can work well as it may be helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Ahmed Sabri, et.al. suggested that MCT oil can promote loss of fat and weight. In turn, it can aid in minimizing the probability of developing heart diseases.

How to Take MCT Oil?

Delightfully, you can take MCT oil in various ways such as by:

  • Putting it in smoothies, coffee as well as other warm beverages.
  • Adding in salad dressings, sauces, and condiments.
  • Adding it in your pre-exercise and post-exercise protein shakes.
  • Drizzling it on top of your food.

How Much MCT Oil Per Day Should You Consume?

In fact, the dosage of MCT oil depends on the duration one has been consuming MCTs.
If you are going to add it in your diet for the first time, moderate consumption is ideal, that is, from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.

However, seasoned consumers can consume more than 2 tablespoons of MCT oil on a daily basis.

What’s the Best Time to Take MCT Oil?

No matter at what time you consume MCT oil, it is always benefiting to your health. Nonetheless, if you want to maximize its benefits, take the following timings into consideration:

  • Consume it right before hitting the gym. It does not only level up your energy but is capable of feeding your muscle cells as well. Wondering how? MCTs, undergo ketone’s conversion which energizes your muscles.
  • Put MCT oil in your morning coffee for getting an even higher boost to kick-start your day with full zeal.

Are There Any MCT Oil Side Effects?

Although MCT oil offers many health benefits, it has its downsides too:

1. May Induce Hunger Hormone’s Release

Despite increasing the release of satiating hormones in the body, MCT oils may also induce releasing of hunger hormones in some individuals.

2. Higher Dose Can Cause Accumulation of Fat in the Liver

Keep in mind that consuming MCT oil in higher amounts is inadvisable.
However, if you consume it in higher amounts, you may suffer from health effects such as accumulation of an increased amount of fat in the liver. Ideally, MCT oil should make up about 5-10% of your daily fat consumption or else you may have to bear the negative consequences.

3. May Cause Diarrhea and/or other Gastro-Intestinal Tract Disorders

If you are wondering can MCT oil cause diarrhea? Bear in mind that there are no such adverse dangers of using MCT oil in moderation. However, some MCT consumers did experience diarrhea, as well as an upset stomach, nausea, or vomiting. That is a common body response to consumption of higher doses of MCT oil.

Wrapping it UP

In a nutshell:

  • MCT oil offers many benefits to your health than posing any threats to count on. Stay satiated, energized, and stylish with the consumption of MCT.
  • What’s more, you can find it a favorable dietary source in coping with diabetes and to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It’s available at an inexpensive rate yet with more efficient MCTs than coconut oil contains which makes it even more appealing.
  • On the flip side, excess consumption can be taxing to your health. Therefore, consuming it in moderation is key to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

So, when are you going to make a healthier choice and adopt a healthier lifestyle? I did and I never regretted for a moment. I highly recommend adding MCT oil to your diet!

Stay healthy ladies!



Images Credit: pexels.com


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