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Exercises to Strengthen and Increase Your Glutes Magically


Hey ladies, your glutes aren’t there just to make you look sexy in that fitted jeans but they have to do a lot more.
Actually these muscles of your buttocks having three different types including, gluteus maximus, medius as well as

minimus contribute significantly to jumping and fast running.
More importantly, strong glutes also aid in relieving the pain of the lower back, thus, easing in climbing stairs and standing.

In order to maintain good health of your buttock’s muscles, you need to incorporate glute exercise and glute stretches in your daily life.

Want to know what glute exercise can work for women? This article is going to unveil the exercises for you and for a good reason:

How to Stretch Glutes? Glute Exercises Can serve This Purpose Very Well

Staying in a seated position at home or at the workplace causes soreness and tightens in your glutes. To avoid such conditions, stretching your glutes is effective.

Wondering how to stretch your buttock’s muscles? Although maintaining a seating position is effective, but performing dynamic and standing Glute Exercises is even more fruitful.

Want to achieve a sexy and curvy butt? You need to know what type of workouts can work for you.

In fact, these are mainly inclusive of Squats, Lunges, Donkey Kicks, as well as various other glute exercises that are given below.

Glute Exercises for Women:

Here are various different glute exercises for women that are helpful in strengthening your glutes. Not only this but they are also helpful in burning fat, losing weight, toning your butts and a lot more. Get to know the exercises and some of their benefits below:

Glute Isolation Exercises:

glute isolation exericses

Image Credit: womenshealthmag.com

Glute isolation exercises exclusively target and hit your gluteal muscles.

1. Train Your Glutes Gently with the Barbell Hip Thrust:

This easily executable move simplifies training of your glutes with hefty equipment without hurting your back.

How To:

  • Having a flat seat behind you, set up on the ground or on a bench.
  • Over your hips, place a loaded barbell
  • By resting your shoulders against the seat, directly perform bar-rolling over your hips.
  • With spreading your weight between your shoulder blades and feet, push through your feet for pushing the bar upward through your hips
  • Push up far to the maximum possible limit prior to returning to the initial position

2. Shape and Tone your Butt with Single Leg Glute Bridge:

This move is very helpful in butt-toning and shaping.

How To:

  • By bending your knees and flattening your feet, set up on the ground.
  • Pull your knee in the direction of your torso by lifting up one leg
  • Drive through your foot for lifting your glutes off the floor and your hips in the upward direction from the initial position.
  • Push up far to the maximum possible limit prior to returning to the initial position.

3. Lose Weight Rapidly with Reverse Slide-lunges:

By aiding in your muscle’s development that surrounds your hip and knee, this move helps in losing weight fast.

How To:

  • On a slider, position your left foot while standing apart with your feet shoulder-breadth.
  • Slide back your left leg till your right thigh is in line with the earth to lower into a lunge.
  • Push through your right foot for bringing back your left leg to the initial position by keeping your torso straight.
  • Do 15 reps for each leg.

4. Ease Your Joints with Stairmaster Skip-A-Step:

This move is relaxing especially for those having joint pain.

How To:

  • Climb two steps simultaneously by facing forward as well as holding on to the grips lightly.
  • Skip every other step, continue for one minute.
  • However, don’t haul up yourself with your arms.

5. Tone Lower Body with Stairmaster Skip-A-Step with Kickback:

For all those women who want to tone their lower body, this move is a worth-doing one.

How To:

  • Repeat the movement previously stated; however, kick back your leg out after while you step this time.
  • As you kick back, slightly lean forward; yet, maintain neutrality in your spine.

Glute Strengthening Exercises:

Undoubtedly, Glute strength exercises are just vital for every fast runner particularly and for strengthening your lower body as a whole.

1. Strengthen Your Lungs and Hearts with Body Weight Squats:

Being a functional workout – squats are amongst the most natural and best ways to strengthen your heart and lungs.

How To:

  • Maintain a standing position by extending your arms in front of your body as well as your feet somewhat broader than the width of your shoulder with your toes making a slight outward angle. (You can also put your hands on your shoulders).
  • Lower down your backside in the direction of the floor to imitate a sitting position.
  • Keep lowering until your quads are in line with the floor, then stand up once again and repeat.

2. Prevent Injuries from Single Leg Squats:

By strengthening supportive tissues, for instance, connective tissues and ligaments, squats aid in preventing the injuries.

How To:

  • Maintain a standing position by extending your arms in front of your body as well as your feet somewhat broader than the width of your shoulder.
  • Off the floor, raise up your right foot, and stretch that leg directly in front of your body.
  • By creating a balance on the left leg and keeping aligned that foot and knee, squat down far to the maximum possible limit.
  • Bring up your body back, do it again and switch legs.

3. Strengthen your Lower Spine with Donkey Kicks:

Donkey kicks are yet again a good move for strengthening your lower back.

How To:

  • With your knees and hands shoulder-breadth apart, get on the floors on all fours.
  • Off the floor, raise your right knee as if you are kicking your foot in a skyward direction so your thigh is parallel to your spine and your foot’s bottom is facing upward.
  • Feel your core, in particular, your glutes, during your involvement in this move.
  • Bring down your leg back, do it again and switch legs.

4. Beautify your Booty with Monster Walk:

The monster walk is known for adding beauty to your booty.

How To:

  • Stand and loop your band around your legs. With the switching of the side, this walk will be as tough as lower you place the band.
  • By keeping your stance wide, step forward like a big “monster” with your right leg and then with left.
  • Walk onward and backward each for four steps.
  • Do 24 total reps.

5. Activate Butt Muscles with Clamshells:

Clamshells allow activation of your butt’s muscles.

How To:

  • Supporting yourself up on your forearm, start by lying on your side.
  • Right above your knees, loop your band. Then bend your knees slightly by placing one foot over the other.
  • Keep together your feet and raise your right knee straight in a skyward direction.
  • Through every rep, concentrate on the engagement of your glute while taking rest after each rep.
  • Do 10 to 15 reps, then change sides.

Upper Glute Exercises:

Working the muscles of your upper glutes aid in lifting your buttocks and give it that sexy curvy appearance.

1. Tone your Buttocks with Kneeling Squat:

By activating your upper glutes, this move is essential is butt-toning.

How To:

  • On your shoulders, hold both dumbbells (or you can use smith machine) to adopt the kneeling position.
  • In the sitting position, your glutes need to relax on your feet.
  • Contract your glutes as tight as you can and push your body skyward.
  • For a second, maintain the upright position and get into the initial position.
  • Ensure tightening of your glutes during straightened position.
  • For increasing intensity, perform it at a fast pace.

2. Stabilize your Core with Single Leg Pumps:

Performing this upper-glute move aids in the stabilization of your core.

How To:

  • By flattening your left foot on the floor (or you can use a bench) and bending the right leg a little in midair, lie down on your spine.
  • Off the floor, set up your lower body to the maximum possible height by making use of your left foot.
  • When setting up off the floor, contract tight your glutes.
  • Do it for 30 seconds and then switch legs.

3. Improve Your Balance and Flexibility with Reverse Lunges:

Reverse lunges are just effective in improving your balance as well as making your body more flexible.

How To:

  • Get into a standing position shoulder-breadth apart. At your hip, hold both dumbbells.
  • Beginning with either of the feet, do a reverse lunge.
  • Perform them alternately.
  • When getting into the lunge position, ensure hovering your knee above the floor.

4. Develop Your Posterior Chain, Quads and Hip-Flexor with Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats:

Bulgarian Split Squats are truly magical particularly for the development of your glutes.

How To:

  • By fully extending your arms at your sides as well as your palms in front of each other, grab a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Position your rear foot’s instep on a bench, with your feet hip-breadth away from each other.
  • For bringing your rear knee near to the ground, lower your hips in the direction of the ground.
  • Take a breathe and move through your front heel for getting back into the initial position.

5. Get Sexy and Big Legs with Stiff Leg Deadlift:

This leg workout is helpful in training your hamstrings and glutes to get you bigger and sexier legs.

How To:

  • With the shoulder-width, maintain a standing position and hold a loaded barbell.
  • Place your hands overhead and keep your feet at 6-8 inches away from each other.
  • Keep high your torso, retract your shoulders, tighten your abs and slightly bend your knees.
  • By maintaining the arched spine, keep the head and chest up, bend via your hips to lower down the barbell.
  • Just when you begin to feel a good stretch at your gluts and hamstrings, pause.
  • Maintaining the perfect arched spine, go as low as possible.

Gluteus Medius Exercises:

Working your gluteus muscles activates and strengthens these muscles of the lower body.

1. Relieve Pain with Side-lying Hip Abduction:

Hip-abduction exercises are found to be effectual in decreasing pain and increasing your strength.

How To:

  • By keeping your lower spine neutral in all 3 planes, lie on one side.
  • Stack the shoulders and hips straight over one another.
  • Involve the gluteus medius for raising the upper leg skyward.
  • Squeeze as well as maintain the top position and then lower the leg slowly.

2. Condition your Core with Isometric Single-leg Wall Lean:

This gluteus Medius targeted exercise is yet again beneficial to condition your core.

How To:

  • Maintain a standing position in line with a wall, bend the hip nearest to wall to an angle of 90 degrees with flexing your knees.
  • Move the flexed leg into the wall, force the stance leg’s foot into the ground.
  • By doing so, the gluteus medius will stabilize the pelvis by firing.

3. Keep Your Abductor Muscles Strong with Lateral Band Walk:

Strong abductor muscles are helpful in preventing certain kinds of pain as happening in iliotibial (IT) band syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome.

How To:

  • Get into a quarter-squat position by placing a band around the shins, ankles or straight over or under the knees.
  • Stepping across and keeping the pressure on the band all over, stay in the squat position.

4. Reduce the Risk of Injuries and Falls with Banded Triplanar Toe Taps:

Basically, Banded Triplanar Toe Taps improve your balance thus preventing you from falling down and having injuries.

How To:

  • Get into a single-leg, quarter-squat position by placing a band directly over your knees.
  • Tap forward the other leg to the side, while maintaining a balance on the standing leg.

5. Burn Major Calories with Weighted Squat:

This move can actually get you closer to your weight loss goals.

How To:

  • With your legs shoulder-breadth away from each other, grab a dumbbell or kettlebell to your chest’s center. Your elbows should reach out to the sides.
  • Let down your shoulders and involve your core. Keep your torso erected.
  • Consider reaching out through your knees when descending.
  • Let your seat slightly reach back as you bend your hips to imitate a seating position.
  • Do 8 to 10 reps.

Wrapping It Up:

Add these glute targeted exercises to your fitness regime for not only getting a toned butt but enjoying various other health benefits too. For instance, losing weight, relieving back pain as well as improving balance.


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