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How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss


Undoubtedly, it is a huge accomplishment to lose those extra pounds you possibly gained after delivering a child, menopause, overeating or due to various other reasons. But what about that saggy skin which comes as a reward of major weight loss?

Another notable reason for having loose skin is if you have had bariatric surgery. A New York-based assistant professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Jordan Jacobs claims that 70% of patients with bariatric surgery experiences excess skin.

He further says that shedding pounds at a rapid pace does not provide our skin sufficient time for gradual contracting. As a result of which we get hanging and loose skin. Isn’t it just unwanted?

As a matter of fact, excess skin is uncomfortable and frustrating and every woman who has experienced it will agree. Right?

Let’s get to know more about the causes and problems associated with excess skin after weight loss as well as skin-tightening solutions:

Causes Of Loose Skin After Weight Loss:

Pondering over why hanging skin after losing weight? Have a look below to know the causes:

1. Inability to Retract

Actually, there are two types of protein in the innermost layer of our skin i.e., elastin and collagen.
Notably, 80% of the structure of our skin is made up of collagen. On one hand, collagen provides strength and firmness to the skin, on the other hand, elastin is responsible for the elasticity and aids in skin tightening.

When one gains weight, there occurs expansion of skin for making space for the increased growth in the abdominal region and other body parts too.

An example of this expansion could be pregnancy. During pregnancy, the expansion of skin takes place over a time of a few months. Furthermore, it typically takes several months after delivery for the retraction of the expanded skin.

Contrasting to it, most obese and overweight individuals tend to carry additional weight for years.

Moreover, when our skin significantly stretches and stays the same for many years, there occur damage of elastin and collagen fibers. In consequence, they partly become unable to retract.

Thus, there occurs a hanging of excess skin when an individual loses substantial weight.

2. Less Formation of New Collagen

If an individual undergoes a weight loss surgery, her skin will produce new collagen in fewer amounts according to the researches.

Adding to it, the new collagen formed is of inferior composition in comparison to the one in healthy and young skin.

How Much Weight Loss Causes Loose Skin?

As stated earlier, you can get loose skin after major weight loss. For instance, losing 5 to 10 pounds weekly can be considered as a major loss of weight that could bring you excess loose skin.

Aside from this, losing around or over 46 kilos or 100 lbs can cause loose skin in greater amounts compared to a modest loss of weight.

If you are thinking will I have loose skin after losing weight? remember that several factors are there affecting the elasticity of skin during changes in weight.

Want to know those contributing factors? Keep on reading below:

  • The Time For Which One Carries Excess Weight: Generally, the longer an individual has been obese or overweight, the sagging her skin will be following weight loss. It is mainly due to damage to collagen as well as elastin as mentioned earlier.
  • Age: The chances of having loose skin after losing weight are more if one’s skin is older according to studies.
    This is mainly due to older skin forms less collagen in comparison to the younger skin.
  • The Number Of Pounds Lost: Shedding about 100 pounds or more can normally result in loose skin and that too substantially.
  • Exposure to the Sun: One may also develop loose skin due to exposure to the sun. In fact, chronic exposure to the sun can lower the formation of elastin and collagen as per studies.
  • Smoking: Not only smoking causes a reduced collagen formation but damages the existing collagen also. As a result of which there happens to be loose skin.
  • Genetics: The response of your skin to weight loss as well as gain may also depend on your genes.

Problems Related to Excess Loose Skin:

Unfortunately, excess loose skin after weight loss does not only make you look unattractive but comes with certain other problems too. Wondering what those problems could be?

Read on to discover more about them:

  • Physical Uneasiness: People with excess skin often feel uncomfortable physically. As a matter of fact, excess skin can interfere with everyday activity. Such as it can prevent individuals from exercising either by limiting their mobility or making them feel embarrassed in the public.
  • Breakdown and Irritation: Loose skin can cause painfulness, infections and/or ulcers as well.
  • Negative Body Image: To be honest, having loose skin after shedding pounds can develop a poor body image. It can also put a negative impact on your mood, thus, make you feel unhappy.

How to Tighten Skin After Weight Loss?

Luckily, it is possible to tighten the loose skin. Here is how to make it possible:

1. Natural Remedies for Loose Skin:

To your delight, there are some natural remedies that can facilitate you in getting rid of that unwanted sagging skin. Below is the description of them:

  • Consumption of Certain Nutrients: There are certain nutrients that can improve the formation of collagen as well as other healthy skin’s components. These nutrients are inclusive of:
    • Protein: It is crucial to consume protein in adequate amounts to maintain healthy skin. Adding to it, certain amino acids including proline and lysine directly contribute to the formation of collagen.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids: Some studies support that consuming omega-3 fats can be helpful in increasing the elasticity of the skin.
    • Vitamin C: It helps in the synthesis of collagen as well as aids in protecting the skin from the damaging rays of the sun.
  • Maintain Hydration:
    Needless to say, maintaining hydration boosts the appearance of skin. Taking this into consideration, make sure drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water per day.

2. Skin Tightening Exercises:

Certain exercises can aid in pumping up your pecs, toning your arms, tightening your stomach and whittling your love handles and back. The best examples of these exercises include bench presses and deadlifts.

  • Bench Press:
    • 2 sets of warm-up of 15 reps with taking rest of one-minute in between.
    • 5 sets of bench press of 6-8 reps with taking rest of 2 minutes in between.

Pro Tip: Avoid touching the bar to your chest area! It is not necessary and can even put you at risk of injury.

  • Deadlift:
    • 2 sets of warm-up of 12 reps with one-minute rest in between.
    • 5 sets of deadlifting of 6-8 reps with taking rest of 2 minutes in between.

Pro Tip: Protect your backbone by keeping a slight arch in your lower spinal region. If you are a beginner, begin with 95lbs. Otherwise, non-beginners should begin with lifting 115lbs.

3. Some Other Remedies:

  • Doing massage with firming creams or cocoa butter can also tighten loose skin by increasing the blood flow.
  • Limiting alcohol intake as well as staying away from smoking may also contribute to skin-tightening.

Wrapping It Up:

You may have to experience loose skin subsequent to the major loss of weight. Not only excess skin can throw an unattractive look of yours but make you think of a negative body image also.

Luckily you can cope with sagging skin to get back in shape with the help of these natural remedies. So, don’t lose hope and keep on making efforts towards healthier living.

Your weight loss journey might be full of ups and downs but it will worth all the struggles you make in the due course.

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