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Detox Water: Benefits and Recipes For Weight Loss


Do you want to get rid of that not-so appealing flabby shape of you?

Or to have an alive and kicking gut, as you might be sick of taking medications for improving gut health that has various side-effects too?

Unsurprisingly, I found an all-in-one perfect solution to these problems is none other than the detox water. In fact, this detox drink has grabbed the attention of many people worldwide due to the various amazing health claims related to it.

Rendering to its hype, some of you might have tried it and admired it already. But the ones who haven’t tried it yet, are definitely going to fall in love with the refreshing detox water after reading the article.

Be prepared to be bombarded with information of Detox Water as it is a complete guide to healthy YOU!

Let’s know more about it:

What is Detox Water?

The word “detox” suggests that the water cleanses your body by removing away the harmful toxins.

Actually, water with the infusion of flavors of herbs, vegetables or fresh fruits is what we name as the detox water. Sometimes, it is also called as fruit-flavored water or fruit-infused water.

It really helps you feel lighter and healthier all day long!

Pondering over what this magical drink exactly does to your body? Keep on reading to discover:

What Does Detox Water Do?

If you are an at-home mommy, maintaining your weight and/or staying in shape is perhaps amongst your key concerns. So, you might be having detox water as it appears an extremely healthy and the lowest-calorie drink.

When it comes to how this miracle drink exactly works? Experts are still finding out.

However, it is crystal-clear that your body receives a whole heap of vitamins and other healthful nutrients by consuming the ravishing detox water. Thus, its indisputably a great way of getting the healthier, livelier and a more gorgeous version of yourself.

How to Make Detox Water?

Luckily, it is super simple and easy to make detox water at home. All you require to make this is water and then selected herbs, fruits or vegetables.

The Procedure:

Just take the ingredients and chop them up. Next, put them to cold or hot water as per your choice. You can get a stronger flavor by increasing the amount of the specific ingredient.

Refrigeration of the Cold Drink:

If you want cold detox water, refrigerate it for around 1 to 12 hours. By doing so, the infusion of the flavors will take place more deeply. Nonetheless, the ingredients may start decomposing if you forget removing them out after the recommended time. So, better set a reminder for it.

Detox Water Benefits:

The detox water has many science-backed benefits to keep you in the best of health. Have a look at some of the most important of them:

  • It Flushes Fat Away: Since numerous studies have revealed the effectiveness of drinking water to lose weight, the same is applicable to detox water. Did you know that drinking water before having meals can cause a considerable reduction in weight? Well, some studies have proved this statement. So, go easy on drinking water after meals, instead drink it prior to eating to become leaner yet healthier.
  • It is Good for Gut Health: Are you aware of the fact that dehydration can cause a disturbance in the bowel movements and in your overall digestive tract health? If you were feeling bloated or constipated for a long time, drinking detox water can heal you as per the studies.
    This drink is just what our doctors order to maintain a healthy stomach.
  • It Uplifts the Mood: Did you know that dehydration causes a bad mood? Even if you are slightly dehydrated, you can feel blue. This is because, you can experience headaches, a bad mood and decrease in concentration according to researches.

So, you can take help from the absolutely hydrating detox water to feel as happy as Larry. Apart from these benefits, there are some health claims related to detox water including:

  • It maintains optimal Ph.
  • It enhances the complexion.
  • It is a detoxifier.

Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss:

To your delight, here are 10 detox water recipes that won’t let you get bored of drinking just water. What is more, all of them are really refreshing and revitalizing.

1. Lemon Water Detox:

I must say this most commonly known detox drink is the simplest to make while having exceptional health benefits.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Lemon Half
Cold Water Quarter Cup
Boiling Water One-third Cup


  • Initially, squeeze lemon juice in a glass. You can discard seeds if you want.
  • Then, pour water, blend it and have it.

2. Ginger, Lime and Pear Water

Quench your thirst all the day long with this healthful detox drink.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Note: Use a firm pear or else the drink would be squishy.
Two Slices
Lime One Slice
Ginger A thin slice of quarter inch
Water One glass


  • Initially, put all the ingredients in a glass.
  • Then, pour water, and let it sit for around a day or twelve hours. Enjoy!

3. Slimming Detox Water:

Trust me, you won’t regret experimenting with water and inventing new fruit-flavored water like this.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Lime One
Lemon One
Mint Twenty-Five Leaves
Ice Four to Six Cubes
Cucumber Half
Fresh Ginger Three and a half slice
Orange One
Water As per your preference


  • To start, cut the cucumbers & fruits in slices.
  • Then, layer the ice and then the ingredients in a container.
  • Next, put one gallon of cold water in it.
  • Allow it steep for around 45 minutes and your mouth-watering drink is ready.

4. Minty-Cool Detox Water

Skip your chilled coke or smoothie. Replace it with Detox water! Have chilled flavored-fruit water.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Raspberries Five
Strawberries Six halves
Mint Four to Five Leaves
Water One to two glasses


  • To begin, add all the ingredients in a glass. Then add water in to fill it.
  • Cover it and refrigerate for about 12 to 24 hours.

5. Herbal Detox Water

Go Natural and go herbal. A lot of women rely on herbal treatments and herbal miracles. So, I have got a drink for you. Enjoy this detox water with an herbal touch.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Orange One slice
Fennel One slice
Rosemary Nine Leaves
Water Eight Ounces or One Glass


  • To begin, combine all the ingredients in a glass. Then fill it with water.
  • Cover it and let it stay for about 12 to 24 hours.

6. Acne-Buster Detox Drink

Got acne? Detox drinks will sweep it away as well. Say goodbye to acne with this effective drink.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Mandarin Oranges Two Medium
Blueberries A handful
Water To fill the container


  • To begin, put all the ingredients in a bottle/container. Next, fill it with water.
  • Cover it with cling sheet and refrigerate for 2 hours. Otherwise, you can also keep it overnight for infusion.

Note: For enhancing the flavor, you can also squash some more blueberries or add some orange juice in it.

7. Skin-Clearing Detox Water:

Got marks, pimples, and scars? A natural remedy for it is minty detox water. Gets clear, fair skin with this nourishing detox water? Here is the secret revealed.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Cucumber One Medium
Lemon One Medium-Sized
Mint Ten to Twelve Leaves
Mint To fill the container


  • To begin, chop the mint leaves. Then, put all the ingredients in a bottle/container.
  • Subsequently, add water to fill the container.
  • Seal it with cling sheet and refrigerate overnight.

8. Anti-Inflammatory Detox Water

Bruises, cuts, or injuries can be immediately catered with detox water. Get rid of inflammation with this power-packed detox drink.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Strawberries Ten
Lemon Two wedges
Lemon Juice One Half Squeezed
Fresh Basil Leaves A Handful
Water One Gallon


  • Initially, Combine all the ingredients with water in a bottle/container.
  • Use a wooden spoon for gentle stirring.
  • Finally, refrigerate if for around 2 to 3 hours.

9. De-Bloating Detox Water

Got a bloating issue? It is common among women during periods. Not only that; food allergies are another top-ranking reason behind bloated feelings. If you want to stop feeling bloated, you MUST add this to your routine. Take help with this de-bloating drink to avid that bloaty appearance.


Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Pineapples Six Regular Cubes
Mango Six Medium Cubes
Lemon Two to three slices
Water To fill the bottle


  • Put everything in a bottle and serve it as it is.

10. Fat-Flushing Detox Water:

Weight-loss, the perfect drink for it fat flushing detox drink. It has truly helped me out, try it out too. Flesh all the fat away quickly with this nutritiously healthy drink.

Ingredients Amount/Quantity
Fresh Cucumbers Three and a half slices
Orange Quarter Sliced
Mint Few Leaves
Lemon Half Sliced
Ice-Cold Water Twenty-Four Ounces


  • Put all ingredients in a bottle and then it is ready to serve.

Wrapping it Up!

Although there is inadequate evidence regarding many health claims of the glorified detox water, there is nothing unhealthy in drinking it. In fact, it is an excellent way of staying hydrated and, thus, up and about. Plus, it can naturally treat numerous health issues such as acne, inflammation, bloating, fat-accumulation, and so on.

Wouldn’t you like to try any of them? I give you 3 week’s challenge and let me know if you felt the change?
On top of that, being a zero or lowest-caloric drink, it is an optimum drink especially for overweight people. I hope you are just about to try any of the above-mentioned detox water recipes!


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