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The Most Comprehensive Beginners Guide to KETO


If you’re new to the calorie-control world, you should definitely read about the keto diet for beginners to embody the fitness lifestyle perfectly. No woman wants to be a step behind in the race for the most stunning glow-up. The most exclusive workout routine won’t save your love-handles or get you those bladelike Bella Hadid abs, but the most efficient diet will take you that extra mile. So let’s find out the famous keto diet that’s on the tip of every new and experienced gym goers tongue.

Shall we ladies?

You’ve probably heard about the keto diet everywhere but what is the keto diet all about? It’s basically a diet that comprises of a high-fat value, a reasonable amount of protein, and low-carbohydrate. The diet is designed to burn fat more effectively instead of carbohydrates.

Implementing a ketogenic diet is as engaging as it is appealing so it doesn’t chain you to bland nutritional food which you just get fed up of after a while. That’s great, there’s a raging foodie in you, but there are certain precautions that women have to take when they adopt the keto diet.

Let’s have a look at a handful of the tips:

1. Eat Extra Fat For the First Week

keto dietIt doesn’t make a lot of sense to devour more fat when you’re actually running away from it. It feels worse having it when you’ve put a heavy hand on your heart to refuse that savoury apple pie. However, the kind of fatty food that you should focus on eating is the kind that boosts AMPK which builds fat-burning mitochondria.

It will also help in determining that you’re not running from a caloric deficit. The body will realize that there is abundance of fat which will make it not conserve fat tissue. Allowing yourself to eat a lot and still being able to lose weight will give you a healthy psychological boost. This voracious intake of fat shouldn’t continue unless your goal is to gain more weight.

The specific fats you should look out for that boost AMPK are marine fat, palmitoleic acid and extra virgin olive oil.

2. Don’t Try To Restrict Calories

Do not sideline the fact that the key benefit of keto is inadvertent calorie restriction. Don’t count your calories and don’t become obsessed with weighing yourself and measuring, either. Just eat till you feel satisfied and grounded but the key is to steer clear of over-eating. There’s a big difference between “under-eating” and “gorging”. Let your subconscious system regulate your calorie intake for you.

3. Fasting or Keto: Choose One

Many men suffer when they try to combine extremely low carbohydrate diets with intense fasting or compressed eating breaks. Their calories get dangerously low, way too quickly for the body to adapt. The point of keto, as well as fasting, is to burn fat but if you combine them together, it’s not always the case especially when it comes to women. Introduce one pathway at a time to see which one is more effective or harmful. In the beginning, women begin to suffer from pangs of weakness.

4. Avoid Nutrient-Poor Fat Bombs

You’ve probably seen a lot of fat bombs posts on Instagram and upon reading the description, it’s clear that not only do these look delicious but they also claim to be very healthy. Fat bombs are suited to hard-charging keto athletes who need as many calories as possible to maintain homeostasis. Think of it as micro-nutrition. So if you’re going to have a fat bomb, make sure it’s as dense in nutrients as possible. An example of a fat bomb are 2-3 hard boiled eggs chopped up and drizzled with mustard and mayo.

5. Don’t Be So Strict

The primary goal that you should intend to achieve from adopting the keto diet is to strengthen your metabolic resilience. Sticking with keto for the first month will do wonders since your fat-burning machinery would be built entirely. Your mitochondria is a pro now when it comes to switching between fat and glucose. Even if you derail a little from the diet, don’t sweat it! It will bounce back immediately.

I hope this beginners keto guide helps you become the guru of your own fitness journey and gets you looking like the Amazonian goddess you aim to be!

Image Credit: pexels.com


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