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About MyFitMomy -Our Mission

MyFitMomy.com is an online blog providing useful resource for busy moms and all other women whose aim is to live healthy life and to achieve their fitness goals. Our founder Muhammad Sohail along with his team review variety of health articles and summarize useful information in a very clear way so all moms and women can get information what they are looking for.

Our team is very dedicated to analyze and summarize useful information in a very clear way and to present it to women. All the information is reviewed by experts before publishing on MyFitMomy.com

Our mission is to provide online blog(resource) for women so they can get useful information in a very clear way so they can achieve their fitness goals. We aim to provide practical tips, recipes, fitness guide, exercise guide and natural remedies and all other information to make life healthier.


Hi, I am Muhammad Sohail (The Founder of MyFitMomy.com). I am a Software Engineer graduated from Comsats University Pakistan. I am a personal trainer and gym lover as well who want to live a healthy life and want to share all health related information to everyone. Traveling is also my passion and I also love cooking. I am so excited that I started this blog to share useful information with everyone.


You can contact the founder of MyFitMomy.com through contact page. Muhammad Sohail personally reads all emails and replies to each email.